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Welcome to Monster Legends colead! Training Documentation

Monster Legends training for Co-Lead

Evans Almighty & Evans Numighty ML teams

I am just starting to document the training info for becoming a Co-Lead with Evans Almighty or Evans Numighty Monster Legends teams. So you want to be a Co-Lead ? What does it take on your part ?

A. Participate in last 3 wars.
B. Perform three soldier level tasks (below) multiple times.
E. Get invited to be Co-Lead
   Tasks (Soldier)
     A. Participate in 3+ wars
     B. Make list of team members that did not play in most recent war.
     C. Invite in Global chat for adding new team members.
     D. Team member scoring.
   Tasks (after becoming Co-Lead)
     A. Approve / deny pending applicants
     B. Vet list against "Top Contributors"
     C. Delete final non-players list from the team.
     D. Adjusting team settings. To build team faster.
     E. Start War
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Cell Donations

About Donations

Now you can get and send cells to your fellow team mates. Since many can request 2-4 cells at a time, this may be more useful for adding the last few needed to do an upgrade. I am now breeding continuously keeping both breeding mountain / tree busy. Hatchery is very busy. Now I have lots of useless dups that can be crunched into cells. I sell seem to gain more of the C & UC types than the others.

Useful hints

If everyone is asking for Legendaries but not getting hardly any, you should ask for Common or Uncommon categoreis. That brings in more successful donations.